Make the Right Hire with Talent Management Solutions

Sales Talent Management

Finding the right sales talent and getting them up to speed quickly is job one for many sales leaders. The cost of a bad hire can exceed $500,000 and have a significant impact on productivity. So how do you know you’re making the right decisions? The right tools and the right information make all the difference.

Sales Talent Management Challenges and Solutions

Challenge: Finding and Recruiting the Right Talent

For many hiring managers, it’s feast or famine. Sometimes they have too many candidates, making differentiation and ranking difficult. Sometimes they have to go back to the drawing board, which is time-consuming and expensive.

Solution: Use Tools to Segment and Search

Finding and connecting with candidates needs to be quick and painless! Start by using the right keywords in your job postings. Segment your search and post to the right job boards for best results.
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Challenge: Creating a Short List of Candidates for Interviews

Resumes and online profiles only tell a partial story about a candidate. A candidate who looks perfect on paper”can turn out to be completely unqualified during the interview, wasting time and resources.

Solution: Prescreen Your Candidates Before You Interview Them

Targeted assessment tests can weed out candidates who lack the skills, aptitudes and personality type for any position. Online video interviews can give you a first impression to help create a short list without burning resources.
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