Drive opportunities with Revenue Performance Management solutions.

Revenue Performance Management

Ask 10 different sales executives what the key to more revenue is, and you’ll probably get 10 different answers. Prepare your salespeople. Cut costs. Improve the website. Improve social media. Hire more salespeople. Downsize the sales force. Of course, it’s all these things and more. You just have to prioritize and figure out how.

Revenue Performance Management Challenges and Solutions

Challenge: Improving Lead Quality

Marketing concentrates on producing the most leads possible while Sales tries to close the highest-quality leads. Often they’re not in sync with each other or with customer buying cycles – and they blame each other.

Solution: Align Sales and Marketing to Produce Leads That Close

To get Marketing to produce the most high-quality leads and Sales to close them, align their needs with the enterprise go-to-market strategy. Start with a high-level vision of Sales Performance Management.
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Challenge: Generating Demand

Potential leads come from the web, email campaigns, trade shows and social media. From search engine optimization to optimized forms and data segmentation, the components that help generate leads are various and complex.

Solution: Optimize Your Online Presence and Gather Lead Intelligence

Leverage and share metrics from your social networks and search engine optimization efforts, and attract visitors to your website. Marketing automation and lead intelligence can help pass more qualified leads to sales.
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Challenge: Enabling Information Sharing

Your employees need information – just not all the same information. You need each employee to have unfettered access to role-based information. Tools, assets and knowledge must be shared and communicated instantly.

Solution: Provide a Sales Enablement Platform to the Field

Provide role-based access to the right assets and tools. Automate instant communication when new content is added so your employees always have the latest information. Track downloads and interactions.
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Challenge: Closing the Deal in the Field

Pricing and quoting information can be the difference between a big sale and a lost deal. Ensure that your reps can find the right asset at the right time to move a deal toward closure.

Solution: Quote and Propose Before Your Competition Does

Sales managers spend two full hours per day just looking for data, most of which is worthless. With pricing and quoting automation, your sales reps can be closing deals instead.
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Challenge: Extending Training to All Your Employees

Are your sales reps making mistakes in front of clients and using internal support? You need to extend training to today’s dispersed workforce.

Solution: Use Mobile Learning to Keep Sales Up to Date

With the right tools, you can create and distribute your training content online. Your well trained employees and their managers will thank you later when they’re closing more deals.
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