Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback – Clicktools

Supercharge your feedback program with surveys, call scripts, and web forms across the entire customer journey.

Collecting and acting on customer feedback is mandatory in today’s customer-centric world. With Clicktools, you can automate many of these interactions to monitor satisfaction and engagement across your business, and stay ahead of the competition. Hundreds of enterprises use Clicktools to gain insight into customer experiences, improve satisfaction and retention, and increase revenue.

Clicktools enables you to:

  • Better understand customers via surveys, scripts, and forms offered at key engagement points.
  • Drive improvements based on customer inputs to continually increase retention, upsell, and advocacy.
  • Sharpen customer focus by making the voice of the customer accessible to everyone.

Connect with customers throughout their journey

Take a proactive approach to customer needs. Use Clicktools to gather feedback or information at all points along the customer journey.

Customer Journey

  • Automate interactions, for example by sending follow-up emails based on survey responses.
  • Set up alerts to notify support staff to place an immediate customer care call.
  • Be at your customer’s fingertips with mobile-friendly templates that customers can interact with on any device, whether online or offline.
  • Follow up on glowing product and service review with requests for references or customer success stories.

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Collect customer information

Strategically gather customer feedback using the industry’s most powerful and flexible solution for creating surveys, scripts, and forms.


  • Increase response rates with smart, flexible questions and surveys. Create questions and surveys using standard or Mad Libs style forms. Easy localization allows respondents to interact in their own language.
  • Eliminate IT costs and reach customers quickly. Without relying on IT, business users can launch sophisticated surveys with custom URLs, built-in field validation, document upload responses, global content changes, and more.
  • Engage customers with compelling, dynamic, data-driven interactions. Use conditions, branching, and skip-logic to present questions based on existing CRM data and/or former responses.
  • Maintain brand integrity. Only Clicktools provides advanced branding controls that let you perfectly comply with brand guidelines using custom HTML/CSS and JavaScript, and easy point-and-click capabilities.

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Centralize data in your CRM system

Integrate responses in CRM to provide contextual and relevant visibility into customer interactions across the organization.

Clicktools Centralize

  • Preserve data. Clicktools error reporting and recovery management ensures your critical customer feedback won’t disappear into the void.
  • Boost the value of existing business processes. Establish CRM process flows from your Clicktools forms and continue customer conversations based on responses.
  • Save time by leveraging existing tools. Schedule surveys to send automatically from your CRM system. Utilize easy list segmentation, template selection, testing, and more.
  • Expand on CRM processes. Instantly create and link multiple objects—including contact, account, opportunity, campaign—in your CRM system, based on survey results.

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Act on insights

Automatically respond with timely, personalized communications to acknowledge and adapt to customer needs.

  • Automate and personalize responses such as emails or links to landing pages, depending on feedback. Trigger alerts to staff when human contact is required.
  • Act immediately to salvage relationships. You’ll know in real-time if you have a dissatisfied customer in need of immediate attention.
  • Use real-time reporting to guide decision-making. See live results and analysis in custom charts and dashboards. Quickly filter, cross-tab export, and publish to PowerPoint, PDF, Excel, and more. Schedule results to be emailed in the format and frequency of your choosing.
  • Launch full-blown corporate feedback programs. Use standard metrics such as Customer Loyalty Index (CLI), Net Promoter (NPS), or Customer Effort Score, or your own proprietary feedback measurements.

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