Calliduscloud Solution for Manufacturing Industry



Manufacturing businesses are ever changing enterprises that must constantly revamp their products and market strategy to keep up with customer’s desires and competitor innovation. With global supply chains and global selling organizations, speed and agility in going to market with new products in increasingly competitive markets, puts a tremendous strain on sales. It is therefore vital that these businesses have a platform that can centralize control and enable flexibility and adaptability to keep up with the pace of change and stay competitive in order to increase sales attainment and market share. CallidusCloud delivers the leading sales performance management suite in the manufacturing industry, providing a high degree of flexibility and scalability to sales force and channel performance management with focus on ease of use for business user control and visibility.

Solutions for Manufacturing

CallidusCloud’s market leading SPM suite addresses key requirements for driving sales performance in manufacturing, including:

  • Aligning compensation to business objectives to gain more control over your revenue growth across all of sales.
  • Increasing sales performance by tracking and modeling KPIs across all sales channels.
  • Guiding sales reps through the quoting process to maximize each and every deal.
  • Accelerate the definition of new territories and quotas for your overall organization, sales force, dealers, and channel partners.
  • Reduce the time it takes to bring new products successfully to market.

CallidusCloud’s Sales Effectiveness suite includes:

  • Commissions: Ensures your ability to grow and change with dynamic sales landscapes. Enables compensation globally and regionally, across channels and lines of business.
  • Workflow: Provides a platform for managing and tracking communications between different business units. Allows for the ability to roll out new compensation plans, and special incentives and contests.
  • Quota Management: Assign sales quotas and make adjustments with a self-service platform. Give sales reps the ability to adjust, approve, and track up-to-date quotas changes. Monitor analytics to ensure quotas stay aligned with market conditions.
  • Management by Objective: Ensure long-term company needs are met with the use of strategic objectives that keep sales motivated to drive results. Track corporate and individual sales goals and KPIs using MBO to ensure the attainment of key strategic initiatives and increased growth.
  • Sales Performance Management: Measure and track KPIs across all of sales to elevate performance and productivity. Model the behaviors of your top sales talent to coach your mid and low performing sales reps up the performance curve, driving an increased, sustainable level of sales attainment.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Provides actionable insight to sales performance by channel, account, product, and region to help high tech businesses make better decisions around their coverage, incentive, and coaching strategies. In addition, the solution delivers a library of pre-packaged reports and analytics to help accelerate ramp up time.
  • Quote and Proposal: Enable sales to generate quotes on the go. Simplify product selection with centralized product catalogue and pricing, restrict products and options based on rules to eliminate selection errors, guide users to the right products to accelerate the sales cycle, and promote cross-sell and upsell to maximize deals.